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26 year-old Jules Alveria is a quirky singer-songwriter and recording artist whose work normally centers on the theme of cruising through life's many challenges with a little help from friends and hot chocolate. According to her, these are sure-fire solutions to make their days more entertaining and delightful. She also embraces her role in promoting the idea of female empowerment through her commercial sounding music.

Jules spent her childhood in the highly diverse city of Jakarta, Indonesia that boosts a strong coffee culture and is jam-packed with authentic Dutch-style cafes, eclectically designed malls and lounges plus outstanding youth creativity that define its uniqueness.

Her first venture into the world of music was at the age of 13, where she became a regular performer at various local events and friends' birthday parties all the way 'til senior high. Some of the venues she has played in Jakarta include the Four Seasons Hotel, News Cafe, Bugs Cafe, Pasaraya Grande and Twin Plaza Hotel. While music has been her daily juice, it wasn't until she completed a Film and TV Writing diploma in Melbourne, Australia that she realized she wanted to make it a professional career. So she flew all the way to Los Angeles, California in pursuit of her goals and to find her musical style. 

Having been mentored by Phillip Ingram (Grammy winner Sheena Easton's duet partner, James Ingram's brother and a member of the Switch band), Kevin Dorsey (Michael Jackson's assistant music and vocal director), producer-arranger Yoel DeJesus, singer-songwriter Julia Jordan, percussionist Ray Yslas (who has recorded and toured with Christina Aguilera and Colbie Caillat), singer-rapper extraordinaire Dee Dee McNeil and rock band OZMA member Daniel Brummel, she is now a BMI member who has performed in various local LA events, such as the 4th Annual ARTWALK event at One Colorado, the Terrace Bar and the Pasadena Jazz Institute.

Pop-rock with a light and breezy city vibe and a soulful, jazzy twist is the essence of Jules's music. She is currently promoting her debut EP "Limitless City" that's available to download on digital music stores like iTunes and Amazon. Jules also recently participated in various auditions, including one for the FOX hit TV show GLEE.

Aside from her solo career, she collaborates with notable Country Soul star Petrella Pollefeyt and rock guitarist Erika Takagi in Los Angeles, CA. The three are known as Sistarhythm.

Billie Holiday, Haley Reinhart, Carole King, Gavin DeGraw, Nat King Cole, Fleetwood Mac, Duffy, The Beatles, Rolling Stones